Ion Channel

iNT, with a sole intention to create a healthier society,
are in a tireless pursuit of developing the first-in-class drugs
with a novel mechanism targeting ion channels
for patients suffering from intractable neurological diseases worldwide.

Research on intractable disease grounded on
iNT’s innovative ion-channel based platform

Striving to develop treatment
for intractable neurological disorder.

Chronic pain

Osteoarthritis is a leading cause of chronic pain occurring in about one-third of the over 60-year-old.
It makes joints damaged with various causes, accompanied by pains around the joints.

Hearing loss

Hearing Loss is caused by multiple reasons including genetic and
environment and is known to be caused mainly by inner ear hair cell death.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis which is also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease is refractory disease caused
by specific degeneration of motoneuron specific degeneration over time and inducing respiratory problem,
having high mortality.


It is a symptom caused by temporary and irregular erethism hyperexcitabilities of neurons,
and temporal lobe epilepsy is mainly found in adults.

  1. 01

    One-Stop assessment platform
    specific to ion channel research based on patch clamp

    • Innovative ion-channel based platform
    • We have a research team comprised of expertized eletrophysiologists.
  2. 02

    Small molecule synthesis techniques
    specialized in ion channel targets

    • Compound library related to ion channel
    • Medicinal chemistry research team specialized in ion channel targets
  3. 03

    INT’s innovative ion channel platform VITVOTM
    beyond the industrial excellence

    • Implementation of electrophysiological analysis in all levels of difficulty from cellular level to animal level
    • Compound synthesis, from HIT screening to in vivo efficacy at live animal are all available

iN TherapeuticsPIPELINE

Our PIPELINE includes various therapeutic
for the treatment of neurological diseases,
based on medicinal chemical synthesis technology
considering properties of ion channel targets
in medicinal chemistry and ion channel research platform.