Core technologies of iN Therapeutics

  • Ion channel
    research platform


    One-Stop evaluation platform specialized in drug discovery research of ion channel target
    - Platform technology that enables all series of evaluations from HTS screening / in vitro activity evaluation to in vivo animal drug efficacy and PoC evaluation using compound library targeting ion channels
    - With a professional research team for electrophysiology
  • Technology of
    small molecule
    drug synthesis

    Research on compound synthesis considering ion channel protein properties
    - Own compound library related to ion channel
    - Medicinal chemistry research team specialized in ion channel target
  • Unmet needs of existing technology

    The research of a new drug discovery targeting ion channels was previously impossible to access due to the absence of specialized research platform and electrophysiologists with expertise. Electrophysiological analysis using high level of patch-clamp technique is the key, but it was difficult to apply to the research of for a new drug discovery due to the lack of expertise and limitation for the low efficiency.

  • Strength of VITVO platform

    iN Therapeutics has all levels of patch-clamp equipments required for drug discovery research targeting ion channels to establish VITVO platform, and also has its own technology that enables compound synthesis, HIT screening and evaluation of in vivo efficacy and PoC with professional researchers. With the new drug discovery research environment and platform technology, the company greatly improved the research environment.

ION Channel
  • Ion channel is a target related to widely various diseases
  • Ion channel that passes ion in and out of cell membrane, the movement of ion generates electrical signs and ion involves various signal transductions such as neuroexcitation
  • There are more than 400 ion channel target in human body which are highly related to various diseases including fibrosis cystica, high blood pressure, arrhythmia, pain and cancer.
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Technology of medicinal chemistry

  • Library screening
    Discovery stage of effective substance (HIT)

    · Own more than 100,000 ion channel libraries
    · Discovery of effective substance (Hit)
    with high-speed mass screening (HTS)

  • Vitality and
    electivity Evaluation stage

    · Manual patch clamp (Level of cell)

  • MoA(Mechanism of Action) efficacy evaluation stage

    · In vivo patch clamp (Level of animal)
    · Slice patch clamp (Level of tissue)