The company grows into the
world’s best company specialized
in ion channel

based on ion channel
competitiveness and expertise.

iN Therapeutics is a spin-off biotech, from local leading pharmaceutical company, Daewoong Pharmaceuticals, with a new drug discovery platform for ion channel, Nav1.7 non-opioid analgesic, and the treatments for hearing loss and neurological diseases. iN Therapeutics has the world’s best ion channel evaluation platform and development know-how through developing a new drug targeting ion channel which is a promising target of various CNS (Central Nervous System) diseases for about 10 years.

Our ion channel platform is a state-of-the-art technology that overcomes the limitations due to a high level of difficulty of the evaluation method for developing drugs targeting ion channel. Nav1.7 non-opioid analgesic (iN1011-N17) is our First-In-Class drug candidate. This drug candidate has a high possibility to be developed as a global innovative new drug and also, Global Pharmaceutical Companies are already trying to discover a new drug targeting Nav1.7 known as a validated target.

Nav1.7 non-opioid analgesic (iN1011-N17) of iN Therapeutics has submitted investigational new drug (IND) for the phase 1 clinical trials in Australia and planed to test safety and pharmacokinetics through the first administration to healthy people within this year. In the preclinical stage, iN1011-N17 showed excellent pharmacokinetics compared to competitive drug. It also has been confirmed to have superior efficacy compared to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), a representative analgesic for osteoarthritis.

iN Therapeutics equipped all levels of patch-clamp equipment from in vitro to in vivo required for developing drug targeting ion channels and established VITVO platform. iN Therapeutics also has its own technology that enables chemical synthesis, HIT screening, evaluation of in vivo efficacy, and PoC verification with professional researchers. With the new drug research environment and platform technology, the company is making its best effort to contribute to the technology development for human being along with the improvement of research environment.


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IN therapeutics is a research-based biotech, focusing on scientific research and innovation to develop the first-in class drugs of a novel mechanism targeting ion channels for patients with intractable neurological disorder. Grounded on our expertise and innovative ion channel based platform, we are accelerating the development of the new drug.


iNT, with a sole intention to create a healthier society, are in a tireless pursuit of developing the first-in-class drugs with a novel mechanism targeting ion channels for patients suffering from intractable neurological diseases worldwide.

From it’s humble beginnings of the innovative research 15 years ago, iNT has achieved exponential growth each year.

With our fruition in R&D activities, iNT has now established itself as a leader in ion channel technology, beyond the industrial standard.

Excellence was built upon a vision - A vision to develop the first-in-class drugs with a novel mechanism targeting ion channels for patients suffering from intractable neurological diseases worldwide.

In making this vision a reality, we have two key priorities: Our innovative ion- channel based platform, and development of first-in-class drugs based on such platform.

iNT has been tirelessly working to develop our pipelines and platform as we truly believe such development will be the only key for the patients with intractable disease.

Please, feel welcome to look around our platform and pipelines, including Nav1.7 non-opioid analgesic and Kv2/3 and Kv4 pipelines targeting for hearing loss and for neurological disorders.

Chongdeok Park, CEO of iN Therapeutics


iN Therapeutics is a company specialized
in the world’s best ion channel target
new drug development.

  • 2022

    Partnering activities Based on the global interest.

  • 2021

    Fruition in R&D activities:
    - Clinical trial:
    Lead Candidate iN1011-N17
    entering phase 1 SAD trial in Australia
    - Platform:
    VITVO™ Platform advancing
    as a profit-earning business model
    - Extension of platform based pipeline

  • 2020

    iNT founded as a first spin-off company form DW,
    with an advanced research theme of ion channel

  • 2018

    Initiated as a stand-alone cooperate venture unit,
    with high anticipation and
    support on ion channel drug development,
    from DW Pharma

  • 2005

    Research in innovative new drug
    on Ion Channel as part of DW Pharma

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